An evening with author and storyteller Jan Andrews

Please join us for the
12th Albert Lahmer Memorial Lecture

Thursday March 19, 2015
8 p.m., Community Room, Lillian H. Smith branch
(admission is free)

An evening with author and storyteller

Jan Andrews

Into the Darkness and Out:
Dreams of a Children’s Author for Her Readers,
Young and Grown

Young people read for reading’s sake. Often they want to be swept away to far off times and places, they want to have vicarious adventures, share likely and unlikely lives. I relish this, respecting their choices. I would not for one minute deny them the joys of the Hardy Boys or the Baby-Sitters Club or even Enid Blyton’s much-denigrated Famous Five. When I look at my own work, however, I have to admit to a hidden agenda—a theme which has been interwoven with my writing almost since the beginning; a theme which forms the underpinning to everything I create. I guess it might be called “the big idea.” It comes from who I am: from being born in England in 1942; from growing up with rationing and the omnipresence of bomb sites; from hearing stories of “the war” told over and over by adults all around. At heart, it has to do with knowledge of strength and with survival, with recognizing that always there is choice. It carries with it those dreams for my readers I have included in the title for the 12th Albert Lahmer Memorial Lecture. The “hidden agenda” is what the lecture will be about.

Jan Andrews

Jan Andrews

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