Children’s Books History Society (England)

Associated with the Friends of the Osborne and Lillian H. Smith Collections in liaison with the Library Association of London.

The Children’s Books History Society promotes appreciation of children’s books in their literary, historical and Transforming Performers: With Suprise Pictures, Dean & Son Publishers, 1874.bibliographical aspects, and encourages a distribution and exchange of information on children’s literature. We invite new members to join the Society whether their interest is amateur or professional.

The AGM (Annual General Meeting) and an annual themed conference/Study Day are held in London, England. The Society arranges occasional  visits to collections and helps to organise conferences on the history of children’s books.

Three newsletters are issued to members annually, containing news of exhibitions, new collections, auctions, book reviews and other matters.

An Occasional Paper is sometimes issued. Previous papers have covered Early Alphabets, Cobwebs to Catch Flies:, Chapbooks Children’s illustration of the 1860s. and Crossing the Bridge:some notes on children’s book publishing in the  1940s

Transforming Performers: With Suprise Pictures, Dean & Son Publishers, 1874.Membership is 15 pounds sterling per annum and entitles members to attend all meetings and to receive the Newsletters, and current Occasional Paper. Members who live Overseas paying in sterling should add 5 pounds for airmail postage.

For the benefit of our American members Lady Anne Adye has kindly agreed to take their dollar cheques and to give the Society the sterling equivalent. The cheques should be made payable to Lady Anne Adye for US$23 (surface mail) , US$30 (air mail.)

Please fill in the application for membership form and send the form together with the membership fee to the address which appears at the bottom of the application.


Children’s Books History Society – Application for Membership

Lear. Nonsense Songs. 1971

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