The Canadiana Collection is a representative selection of 19th- and 20th-century children’s books in English related to Canada or whose writers, illustrators or publishers are associated with this country.

Important holdings include:

  • the manuscript for the the illustrated poem, The Sad Tale of Mrs. Mole and Mrs. Mouse by Jane Vaughan Cotton, (ca. 1849)
  • the manuscript for the first Canadian picture book, An Illustrated Comic Alphabet (1859)
  • archives of current Canadian authors, including Brian Doyle, Art Slade, Linda Granfield, Kathy Stinson and the art archive of Brenda Clark
  • a selection of popular materials
  • small press publications.
Illustrated Comic Alphabet

Illustrated Comic Alphabet. MS. by Amelia Frances Howard-Gibbon. 1859.

The Anne of Green Gables Pop-Up Dollhouse.

The Anne of Green Gables ® Pop-Up Dollhouse. Toronto: Key Porter Books Limited, 1994.

The Osborne Collection of Early Children’s Books
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